Graphenstone gets the “Cradle to Cradle GOLD” Certificate

The Cradle to Cradle certificate is the most prestigious product award in the world that recognizes and encourages innovation in sustainable products.

Graphenstone presents materials whose raw material, lime, is obtained by artisanal means, helping to preserve the purity, density, benefits and properties of the limestone.

Graphenstone paint uses pure lime, which has multiple advantages: it is breathable, bactericidal, fungicidal and insect repellent. It also contains graphene, a nanotechnological component made through gas deposition, which improves the properties of flexibility, hardness and thermal conductivity.

Certified Graphenstone products are:

– Graphenstone Ecosphere (white interior paint)

– Graphenstone Biosphere (white exterior paint)

– Graphenstone Filler (FillerIn and FillerOut)

Graphenstone eliminates the concept of waste and becomes a product with an entirely green life cycle, fulfilling the philosophy of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

More information at our website Graphenstone

Download Cradle to Cradle certificate in attached PDF

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